Character Info

'M'r. Grouper is the best preschool teacher in the world! He's friendly, funny, and full of information. He genuinely respects the Guppies' intelligence, encourages their curiosities, and nurtures their imaginations. Mr. Grouper sees every day as an opportunity for discovery. He knows how to be silly and play along with the Guppies, joining in their pretend play in the classroom and out. Mr. Grouper always ends the school day with an awesome field trip and a celebration of the episode's topic.He sang in The Farmer's Song from the episode Have A Cow!


Mr. Grouper is mostly orange, but it has been shown he can change colors.


Mr. Grouper has appeared in every episode of Bubble Guppies.

His first appearance was in Call a Clambulance!


Mr. Grouper's voice actor, Tino Insana, is well known for playing Dr. Reginald Bushroot in Darkwing Duck, Uncle Ted in Bobby's World and Pig in Back at the Barnyard.

Mr. Grouper is the only main character who is not introduced in the Bubble Guppies Theme Song.
Mr. Grouper
Name Mr. Grouper
A/K/A The Super Grouper!
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Teaching