little fish: molly's sleepover!           gil: hi whe are having a sleepover at molly's tonight and do you like sleepovers? great! nonny: i think i am the first one to fall asleep molly: come on let's get this party started! (all six arrive at molly's house) oona: let's do makeovers! nonny: no oona i think i'm going to fall asleep deema: no nonny let's play store goby: let's play farm gil: moo i'm a cow molly: alright everyone in sleeping bags because it is dark out (all six go in sleeping bags) gil: (snores) nonny: gil, wake up  gil: I WANT TO STAY UP ALL NIGHT! molly, oona, deema, goby, nonny: OK everyone: (stays up all night) gil: nobody stays up all night like i do I AM going to stay awake humph! (lays back and turns over) i'm not going to sleep! (snores) nonny: he's sleeping! finally! ( the rest of the guppies lay back in sleeping bags) molly: good night everyone! good night gil! oona, deema, goby, nonny: good night molly! good night gil! (molly oona deema goby and nonny goes to sleep and gil is already asleep) sun: tinkle tinkle tinkle molly: wake up, guys! (oona, deema, goby, and nonny wake up and gil is still sleeping) gil: snork uhhh whhaatt i molly: did your cow go missing? gil: no molly: let's see gil: yes! it did go missing! nonny, goby, oona, deema, you fell asleep did'nt you gil: yes all six: (laughs)

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