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Lunch JokesEdit

  1. A Hambulance On Rye (Call an Clambulance! )
  2. A Box Of Crayonberry Juice (The Crayon Prix! )
  3. A Hot Dog With A Wiener Dog (Bubble Puppy! )
  4. A Hammer And Cheese Sandwich (Build Me A Building! )
  5. A Tuba Fish Sandwich (Ducks In a Row! )
  6. Three Chicken Surprise (The Grumpfish Special! )
  7. An Ice Cream Sundae (The Moon Rocks!)
  8. Three Little Figs (Who's Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf? )
  9. Microphonie And Cheese (We Totally Rock! )
  10. Spaghetti And Baseballs (Fishketball! )
  11. A Sleeping Bag Of Chips (The Legend Of Pinkfoot! )
  12. A Plane Bagel ( Gup,Gup and Away! )
  13. Spring Roll ( The Spring Chicken is coming!)
  14. Macaroni And Trees (Boy Meets Squirrel!)
  15. Cheese And Tractors (Have a Cow!) 
  16. A Horn on the cob (Super Shrimptenial Celebration)
  17. A Stamp-wich (Happy Clam Day) 
  18. An Ice Cream Comb (Good Hair Day!)