• Gil: A Long, Long Time Ago, Before Cavemen Where Around, There Where Giant Dinosaurs Everywhere And There Footsteps Shock The Ground. Some Had Horns, Some Had Scales, Some Had Horns Or Enourmus Tails!. Some Could Swim, Some Could Fly, And We Never Had The Chance To Say:
  • Goby: Bye Bye!!!
  • All: Cause It Was A LLLong Time Ago.
  • Gil: Dinosaurs Lived A Long Time Ago. Long, Long, Long Time Ago. In The Air, On The Land, In The Sea Don't You Know?
  • All: LLLong Time Ago, Dinosaurs Lived A Long Time Ago. LLLong Time Ago.
  • Gil and Goby: In The Past Before You And Me Yo.
  • Gil: On Two Feet They Walked On Four. Drop The T-REX And:
  • Goby: The Patasaur.
  • Gil: Been Two Hundred Million Years.
  • Goby: Maybe More.
  • Gil: They Deserve A Dinosaur ROAR! There Many Dinosaurs All Around Not Anymore Cause There All Extinct Tranisaoures Rex Is King Of The Beast. With Razor Sharp Teeth Who Liked To Eat Meat, A Patasours Eats Veggies Snacks And A Tiny Brain And It's Teeth Where Flat, Tricerotops What's Up With Your Head You Got Three Horns! Yeah, Your Head What I Said. It Was A Long Time! YO! YO! It Was A Really, Really Long Time! Long Time Ago! Oh, Yeah, Long Time Ago!
  • Gil and Goby: In The Past Before You And Me, YO!