Build me a biulding song is a song from the episode  Build Me a Building!

Characters SingingEdit


  • Molly:I've been outside all day long, I want a cozy place whwere I can sing this song, A place where all thumb|454px|rightaside, I wanna be inside....!
  • Molly: So build me a building! ..... yea
  • Molly: Glass for the windows,a rug for the flooor, Bricks for the chimney, a big wooden door
  • (Goby and Deema put a window on the house, Oona put's a rug on the floor) (Nonny puts a chimney on the roof, (Deema and Goby puts a door on the house.
  • Molly:I'll even take a playroom or two, you know what to do!
  • Molly: So build me a Building, Let's go!
  • Molly: So build me a building, build me a castle a house or a school.
  • Molly: Build me a building! yeah ea!
  • Molly: four walls and a roof, are totally cool;, !!!!!
  • Molly: Build me a Building!!!!!!
  • Molly: Build me a building.........
  • Molly:Some building are small like a shed or a hut, some buildings are tall like a skyscaper.
  • Molly: I don't care about the height, You can paint it purple, red or white!
  • Molly: Just get me to the constuction site!, Build me a building!
  • Molly: Build me a Library or Dental School!!!!
  • Molly: Build me a building yeah yeah!
  • Molly; 4 walls and a roof....
  • Gil:Hey, can I have a pool?
  • Molly: Yeah, we'll throw in a pool!
  • Molly: Building a pool, totally cool!
  • Molly: Build me a building! (Reapeats 4 times)
  • Molly:
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